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About Diamond State Poodles

We are a family breeder that emphasizes family first.  Ember and Beau are members of our loving family, and live in our home.  Our poodles are socialized with our family including our grandchildren, German Shepherd, and our cats.  Our poodles are amazing with our grandchildren! They are loving and playful with all three of them.

We have bred a variety of breeds over the past 25 years including Old English Sheepdogs,  Great Danes, and Poodles.  We decided the standard poodle is the perfect breed for us.  They are intelligent, active, kind, and caring, yet protective of their family. 


Our poodles LOVE to go to the l-a-k-e. We don't dare say the word because they know what it means.  They love to swim, play in the water, and run outside and play.   They also love going on w-a-l-k-s too.

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